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The Treasures

Difficulty: ★★★★

You and your friends hit upon a drift bottle in a stone crevice. In it rolled a letter, quaint and shabby. Under its guidance, you found this old house of countless secrets. Will you find the treasure and get out of the house successfully?


The return of the Mummy

Difficulty: ★★★★★

To make themselves immortal, ancient Egyptians covered their bodies with resin, and waited till a certain point to lead the soul back to the body and revive. Pharaoh Khafre died a violent death in a war, but his soul and spirits still lived.  You and your friends are now trapped in his pyramid. The access out can only be found after you bring the mummy back to life.


the Lost Kingdom

Difficulty: ★★★

Eiserbia was once the blessed land in the West. At the end of the war of the century, the Demon took the Holy Grail, making Eiserbia a lifeless dead city. You are the descendant of the Twelve Round Table Knights who fought to found the Kingdom of Eiserbia. Please take the Holy Grail back to help Eiserbia rediscover its vigor.