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Room X Escape

Downtown Chicago Escape Room

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Find a Mission for Your Corporate Event, Team Builder, Private Party, or Personal Entertainment

Choose a Chicago escape room mission for your corporate event, team builder, private party, or personal entertainment. Search a mysterious pirate’s house for the treasure before it’s too late. Find your way out of an Egyptian pyramid or you’ll be trapped inside forever. Explore an ancient castle in search of the famous Holy Grail. No matter which mission you choose, your skills will be put to the test when you play our escape rooms in downtown Chicago. Select your escape below, if you dare!

Padlock on wooden door

You Are Locked In

Your group has 60 minutes to find its way out of a mysterious room. You must accomplish this by using logic, searching for clues and using unique items in the room to help you get through obstacles like locks, doors, etc.

Solve Puzzles

Our escape rooms require leadership and communication among team members. Many of our puzzles are impossible to solve with only one person. Different talents are required to crack the code. Everyone must do their part.

A keyring of metal keys
a pocket watch laying on a sandy map

Beat The Clock

Try to escape the room before the clock strikes zero. Be ready to work as a team and have fun while escaping each room.

We're Rated 5 Stars on TripAdvisor! Find Out Why

Best escape room so far!

The Pyramid room at the Room X Escape has been by far the most interesting and fun escape room I've been to. The staff are friendly and explain everything clearly. Would go back again for the Castle room. Have fun!

– SoroushY, TripAdvisor
Three generations

There was plenty for everyone to do. The 8-year-old loved the physical puzzles and grandpa couldn't stop looking for clues. This was a very fun room and we will try another if we visit Chicago again.

– Keely W., TripAdvisor
Great experience

My Niece and I were first-timers to an escape room and the Pirate Treasure hunt did not disappoint. Clues were challenging and fun. The people that were working there were super friendly and nice, they were also accommodating when we needed clues. I would visit this escape room over and over again.

– Camper763308, TripAdvisor
We had a blast

We did the pyramid room and really had a lot of fun. It is s a great team building exercise and teaches you to persevere and keep going. There were plenty of twists and turns along the way.

– pjschmidt28, TripAdvisor
Engagement proposal!

I recently proposed to my partner at the Room X Escape with the help of the staff. The proposal was PERFECT and I could not be happier with the service that we received. Thank you so much for making this moment special to us.

– Climber53126870474, TripAdvisor
Tons of fun!

We held our company fun/team building event at Room X Escape. There were 37 of us total and we booked all 3 rooms. The hosts were hilariously fantastic. We had a great time. Thank you!

– 876accounting, TripAdvisor
Team Building

I took my high school class here for a team building exercise. I was elated how this activity brought them together. This room was one of the harder rooms, but the students had a blast!!!! We will definitely visit again. This would be an excellent family activity too!!!!!!

– Juton S, TripAdvisor
Amazing Experience!

It was my first time at an escape room and I did not make a wrong choice! The game master was fun, very chill and I had a great time here with my friends. Would definitely recommend everyone to visit Room X Escape :)

– Maria S, TripAdvisor